It is better to be your own boss than to do someone’s job, earn lakhs, start this business – Small Business Idea

Business Idea: If you are under job pressure and feeling overwhelmed, it might be a good idea to start your own business instead of working for someone else. With this you can get an opportunity to earn more income. We are going to discuss about one such business idea through which you can get more income than your job. You can start this business with a low budget. You will need around Rs 15,000 to start this business and you can earn Rs 60 to 70 thousand per month.

Samll Business Idea: Business of Recycling

If you have a budget and are looking to start a business, this idea can be vital. We are telling you about a business idea in which you can start recycling. You can earn well by recycling junk and best material. Your total cost in this business can be 10-15 thousand rupees, and you can earn up to 60 to 70 thousand rupees per month. Whether the task is small or big, if you start it and achieve success, no one can stop your forward progress. It is important that you work with enthusiasm and dedication, due to which success will be near you.

Process to start this business

Recycling business is a great option because it never ends, and its demand remains constant. To start this business, first you have to contact the scrap dealer and collect different types of scrap. This scrap can be of various materials like cloth, plastic, iron, aluminum etc. After purchasing these materials which are considered as scrap, you have to prepare them for recycling. In this way they can be converted into a useful form again.


Your business can grow sustainably, and you can grow by developing new and useful products, such as clothing made from waste, handicraft items, and books. You can also gradually promote the business using online platforms, so that the storage and display of your products is possible.


This business can provide you an income source along with the pollution issues in the environment. However, remember that it is important to comply with local laws and regulations, especially when your business is growing rapidly and commercially.